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2381 Fruitville Rd.
Sarasota, FL 34236
United States

SailFuture offers intervention programs for youth who are in the deepest ends of juvenile reform programs and youth at-risk of charting a similar path. We pride ourselves on creating second chances for those kids who traditional programs are unable to impact and believe that no youth is ever too far gone. Utilizing sailing as our platform for personal growth and development, our transformational experiences set youth on a new path to becoming responsible adults. 


We Specialize in Second Chances

 Inspire. Empower. Train. Repeat.

SailFuture's intervention programs help high-risk youth in the juvenile justice system and youth at-risk of charting a similar path become responsible and happy members of their communities.

We have two core programs, SailFuture Odyssey & SailFuture Fellowship. Both of our programs rest on the philosophy that for youth to truly make transformational life changes, they must be engaged in transformational experiences. We have developed our programs through the lens of the youth who enter them, and always strive to understand the actual impact of our services from their perspective

SailFuture Odyssey is an alternative to incarceration program in partnership with Florida's Department of Juvenile Justice. For these youth to make transformative life changes, we believe they need transformational experiences Learn More

SailFuture Fellowship is an after school program in Sarasota, FL in partnership with Booker High School and New College of Florida. Youth in our programs are disengaged high school students that have lost respect for the "traditional path." Our continued success has been in our innovative curriculum focused on three core components of near-age mentorship, educational interventions, and experiential learning Learn More

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