SailFuture serves the hardest to reach youth in foster care -- teenagers between 13 and 17.

These youth are removed from their families due to abuse and neglect, and oftentimes enter a system that fails to provide them with the stability they need to recover from the childhood trauma we removed them from.
  • On average, a teen will live in 16 or more different placements.
  • On average, a teen will have 6 or more school changes.
  • 33% become homeless by their 21st birthday
  • 46% are incarcerated by their 21st birthday
  • Fewer than 50% earn their high school diploma by their 21st birthday.
  • Only 1% earn a college degree.
The teens who face these life outcomes are incredibly capable, resilient, and eager to break the cycle they were born into. The outcomes represent the cracks in our system, not the young people navigating through it.

The SailFuture Campus, and the embedded programs and services, was engineered to seal these cracks, meeting foster teens where they’re at, and providing the services they need in a way they are willing to receive.

SailFuture currently operates two off-site Residential Treatment Programs, an accredited high school, and leads multi-month sailing journeys on a 65-foot sailboat throughout Central America and the Caribbean.

The campus will tie into and complement these existing services, and host a new 7,000 sqft technical high school, two Extended Foster Care dormitories for youth 18+, a foster parent recruitment and training center, and an office of mental health services.

To bring this bold vision to life, we have launched a $1.1M capital campaign. As of April, 2019 we have secured $300,000 in commitments.

SailFuture School: Standards of Ethical Conduct
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Teacher Qualifications Statement:

All instructors at the SailFuture school meet 1 of the 3 following qualifications:

- Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any subject

- Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience

- Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th grade subjects

SailFuture Misconduct Poster
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We invite you to learn more about the campaign by reaching out to our Executive Director, Michael Long at or 941-219-9847

SailFuture is a Registered 501(c)3 and all contributions are tax deductible. Donations can be made online at:
Checks can be mailed to: 2900 68th Ave. South St. Petersburg, FL 33712